Stop Selling! Learn how to listen, build loyal and quality customer relationships.

Today’s most effective sales professionals are forging essential relationships with their clients to ensure long-term, positive results. So if you’re sick of selling just on price or frustrated of having to price match with your competitors and want to discover how to retain great margins, learn how to build value in yourself, your team and your dealership then you’ve come to the right place!
STOP Missing Out On All Those Sales Opportunities!
Don’t miss out on Sales, Profits and Commissions that should be yours! Your Sales People need to be skilled up for today’s buyer! They need to understand how to develop a strong rapport quickly with customers and how identify their needs with specific questions, how to sell themselves and your business/product, so the competitor’s price is irrelevant! Build their skills so they are highly confident in all areas including prospecting, handling incoming calls and enquires, including internet and price shoppers – with ease of appointment setting, negotiation, handling objections and closing the sale with no pressure or stress. Don’t miss any more opportunities, act now!
Take the Sales & Leadership Challenge!
So just how good are your Sales and Leadership skills? Challenge yourself and take the quick quiz now to get your score
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Invest in Your Management Team to Take Your Business to The Next Level

No doubt you have a strong vision for where you want to take your business as you move towards your goals into the future. But does your Management Team share those same company visions? Do they perform equally as well when you’re not there? Are they confident in making key decisions and empowering their staff?

By empowering and developing ambitious leaders within your organisation they then create high performance cultures within their teams, which then allows you to step back from your business and start working on your business instead of in it. We aren’t born with Leadership skills, however like any skill they can be learnt and developed. Both our Sales Management and Leadership Programmes work with any level of skill, whether they are just starting out in a Management role or simply want to build their Management and Leadership skills to take themselves and your dealership to the next level.


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World Class Training and Coaching Programs For Your Team

Our programmes combine the power and convenience of On-Line video training which can be accessed from anywhere in the world combined with live coaching! We gain a full understanding of your business and challenges before you get started and we then tailor the training and coaching so it’s TOTALLY RELEVANT to your situation. The RESULT? Dramatic Increases in sales and Leadership productivity!
Investing in yourself, your team and your leaders is one of the best investments you will ever make!

Private Sales Coaching

This programme is designed for all serious minded Sales Professionals. New people experience a quantum leap in skills saving them years of trial and error, Whilst experienced people take their existing skills to a higher level as they can see and appreciate the more sophisticated techniques being presented.

With our unique Sales Coaching System, we provide:

  • A Selling Skill Assessment
  • 3-12 Month Sales Programmes
  • Live Team Roleplays
  • 24-7 Access to Ian Parker International
  • Proven Scripts and Templates to Guarantee Sales Success

Do It Yourself Training Academy.

Training and Coaching your sales team yourself can be much easier than you think. Many people simply don’t know the correct steps to take which makes them take far longer than they need to. We’ve done all the hard work for you, so all you need to do is follow our step-by-step system and you’ll be well on your way to having a thriving sales team in no time. You won’t just save time either. When you follow our advice closely, you’ll also achieve astronomical sales results than you would thought possible by training the “traditional” way.
  • Full Access to our Interactive Online Sales Training Platform
  • All Training Videos, Templates, Scripts & Handouts
  • Full Daily Accountability
  • Personalised Weekly Check-Ins
  • Full Managers Video Training Library

Selling Skill

To obtain a full Assessment of your Selling Skills please click below and complete our On-Line Questionnaire.

Team Analysis

Conduct your own SWOT Analysis on yourself and your team.
Information provided by you will be kept strictly confidential Once we have received it through we will email you a copy back along with a debrief with one of our Sales Coaches which will detail your strengths and your opportunities for improved results.
Information provided by you, about the structure of your sales team and about your sales people will be kept strictly confidential, and is asked to enable us to advise you accurately on the best strategies for managing each person for optimum sales performance, and handling any challenges which you may be having with them, we will email you a copy back along with a debrief with one of our Sales Coaches.

Proof It Works

Carson Jurgens
Carson Jurgens
Just completed Ian's 16-week course. Would definitely recommend for anyone looking to venture into sales.
Jessica Blencowe
Jessica Blencowe
Ian's course and coaching gave us an incredible amount of knowledge, practical tools and confidence with our business. As a result of completing his course, we are now much better equipped to follow up our leads, really dig down into the best solutions for them and convert a much higher percentage to contracts and working with us. Very grateful to Ian and Mel, and happy with our investment to improve our business' success.
Brett Collins
Brett Collins
Highly recommended, Ian is such an enthusiastic coach and is always more than happy to help, nothing is ever a problem. Thank you Ian for genuinely caring about your students progress and helping them get the most out of your course. PS. Always Be Your Best!! 😉
john cicero
john cicero
To any business out there that want to get the most potential from their sales teams no matter in what industry that you are in should seriously consider enrolling in Ian Parker's and his Training course. You cannot put a price in the value and results that your teams will achieve. Priceless. Thanks, Ian, for your training on how to be a true professional at selling.
andrew dincsoy
andrew dincsoy
I have worked in the sales industry for over 15 years and been through many sales training courses. I highly recommend Ian's training to any sales person or companies wanting to take their sales experience to the next level.
Geoff Bouterey
Geoff Bouterey
I found Ian Parker's sales course very worthwhile. His enthusiasm was inspiring and there some very helpful ideas and sales tools to help increase sale.
Katherine Grace
Katherine Grace
We were rapt to have Ian as a keynote speaker for our client masterclass where he presented to 20 business owners on sales and relationships. Every single one said they took several pieces of gold from his presentation. Thank you Ian you had a big impact on the group!
Ryan Fooks
Ryan Fooks
I'd highly recommend this training program for anyone looking to improve their sales skills.
Terry Jurgens
Terry Jurgens
Fantastic training that simply works!!!
Berean House
Berean House
I've been involves in sales for over 28 years. I believe the training Ian provides has helped sharpen and grow my sales skills. Ian has provided a pathway to help me develop better and more professional sales skills that benefit both the end user and myself. The training is run with integrity which I really appreciate as a sales person. I can recommend Ian Parkers training to anyone who want's to develop their sales skills to a next level. Joh. L
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Private Business Coaching

Not a day goes by that we don’t stop looking for ways to improve our business, and you shouldn’t either! A business will never outgrow its owner and it will always be a reflection of its manager, if you lead by example your team will follow.

We all get busy dealing with the day to day but it’s important not to get too complacent in our businesses, occasionally you need to work ON it instead of IN it. That’s where we can help by having a fresh set of eyes. Correct processes are the key to your business running smoothly. Do you have set processes? Are those processes giving you the results you want?

If your Business is suffering from any of the following,
Then you’ve come to the Right place!

  • There seems to be a breakdown in processes and you need to regain order and get things moving in the right direction again.
  • Your overheads are going up quicker than your revenue.
  • You sometimes struggle with Cash flow.
  • You’re finding it hard to keep your staff motivated or you just feel that staff morale is down a bit.
  • You feel like things have plateaued and you know there’s more potential but unsure of how to get your business to the next level.
  • You don’t have any short-long term business goals.
  • You’ve experienced rapid growth and would like an outsider’s perspective to make sure your processes and systems are growing with you!
  • You simply want to improve on your current success.

We implement our simple proven strategies and processes That Just Work!

We can come to you On-Site and conduct a thorough analysis of your business, offer specific strategies, processes and systems and even help you implement any changes, get staff buy in and most of all leave you with a detailed report of everything we’ve done and also a structured accountability document which will keep everything in place once we’ve left. We can then work with you via video conference if need be.
Another option, Ian can be accessed via Video Conference, he can with work privately with you and/or your team for example, on a managers meeting, team sales training etc either on a one time basis, monthly or annually it’s totally up to you. We can devise business and personal goals and create action plans to achieve those desired goals. Ian is all about getting results for you in the most cost effective way.

Free Business
Health Check

Download our Free Business Health Check to get a snap shot of your Business.

Free Cash
Flow Report

Download our Free Working Capital Checklist to get a snap shot of your Capital.
Our Business Health Check Template is a free tool for identifying business health issues that need to be investigated, you can either both identify these and take action yourself or if you need any assistance or would like further clarity – we are here to help.
Our Working Capital Checklist helps business owners and managers keep a firm control on the ’10 working capital levers within their business, you can either both identify these and take action yourself or if you need any assistance or would like further clarity – we are here to help.
Don’t Just Take Our Word For It…
Listen To What Our Happy Clients Have To Say.

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Managing Director
Green Homes Group

Garth Wallis

Managing Director
Powerpak Packaging

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General Manager
Interia Systems

Brett Trewarn

General Manager
Trufab Engineering

Doug Elford

General Manager
HiDrive Group

Andrew Mason

Green Home Builders USA

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Sales Manager
Interia Systems

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Sales Manager
Jaram Australia

We’ve experienced working with many sales and management teams from many different industries!

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